PVC for T&P?

Does anyone call out the use of regular PVC for the T&P pipe? It was installed properly…just thought that PVC was not approved for hot water…I realize this may be nit picky…that is why I ask…I am not planning to report it as a defect…anyone?


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Thanks Jeff…big deal/no big deal? You know how I am about “scaring” folks :wink:

Nothing is a “big deal.” Simply information as to the condition(s) observed.

PVC is not rated for use as a TPR discharge piping system. It is (IMHO) a potential safety hazard.

Any system/component designed as (or part of) a safety mechanism/feature (i.e. GFCI, AFCI, TPR, seismic valves, gaurdrail, optical sensor, OCPD, etc., etc.) which is improper, defective, modified - “whatever” - warrants correction.

If you ever come across CPVC, it’s allowed.

Erol Kartal

That’s what I was thinking. I couldn’t tell from the photo.