Thoughts on this TPR discharge?

I think this was a first for me. Thoughts?

I’d feel a little more comfortable if the pipe actually went inside the indirect waste receptor. 2nd floor location.

052709 128.JPG

052709 128.JPG

Looks good to me. You want to be able to see if it has a leak and/or dripping.

Looks fine. You especially don’t want it touching.

PVC pipe is not designed to withstand the temperature or preasure that may be comming from the hot water tank. The line should be replaced with ridged copper, Iron, or CVPC.

It won’t be exposed to pressure to speak of, but you are correct in that PVC is not allowed (not listed specifically in Table P2904.5).

That looks like CPVC to me. I’m going by the size and type of cement used.

CPVC is slightly more yellowish in color.

Indirect waste connection through and air-gap. Just as prescribed.

That is what they require these days - although it is a lousy set up. Release water at full pressure and it will go all over the place. The justification that is given is that most times water will not release at full pressure or you will get steam. Just be careful if you test those things.