PVC glue on CPVC

A friend of mine started a complete plumbing project at his cabin. He bought all CPVC fittings and pipe and bought PVC glue not realizing till back at the supply house to get more fittings that there is CPVC glue. He is about a 1/3 of the way done. He is asking me if he should rip out what he has finished and start over. He is more concerned about the hot water side. What do you think?

Start over. It will eventually fail. Try and explain to the insurance company when they deny a claim. And due to improper installation, they will deny the claim.


2006 IRC

P2904.9.1.2 CPVC plastic pipe. Joint surfaces shall be
clean and free from moisture and an approved primer
shall be applied. Solvent cement for CPVC plastic pipe,
orange in color and conforming to ASTM F 493, shall be
applied to all joint surfaces
. The parts shall be joined
while the cement is wet and in accordance with ASTMD
2846 or ASTM F 493. Solvent-cement joints shall be
permitted above or below ground.

Exception: A primer is not required where all of the
following conditions apply:

  1. The solvent cement used is third-party certified
    as conforming to ASTM F 493.
  2. The solvent cement used is yellow in color.
  3. The solvent cement is used only for joining
    1/2-inch (13 mm) through 2-inch (51 mm) diameter
    CPVC pipe and fittings.
  4. The CPVC pipe and fittings are manufactured
    in accordance with ASTM D 2846.
    P2904.9.1.3 PVC plastic pipe. A purple primer that
    conforms to ASTM F 656 shall be applied to PVC solvent
    cemented joints. Solvent cement for PVC plastic
    pipe conforming to ASTM D 2564 shall be applied to all
    joint surfaces.

Can color? The red can is an all-purpose that is for both, at least the Oatey brand is.

Thanks for your input gentlemen.