PVC toilet drain pipe

There was a 2-inch PVC drain pipe attached to a main level toilet. This drain pipe was then attached to a 3-inch PVC pipe going to the sewer. The drain pipes were observed in the basement utility room. I have never seen a 2-inch PVC pipe draining a toilet. Is this an acceptable installation? The home was built in 1996.

That does not look like 2 inch in the pic beside they do not make a 2 inch closet flange so how was the commode connected to the drain line???

That was what I was confused about as well. The PVC pipe to the right in the picture was the drain for the sink. There was no indication of a toilet flange attached. Visually I could not see how the toilet was attached. There was no indication of a water leak on the underside of the O.S.B, however, there was an indication of a prior water leak at the back of the toilet on the molding and bathroom cabinet (mold and water stains).

Could you have made an error in size.
This type of toilet that I know of that takes a smaller discharge pipe .

[FONT=Calibri]Fit the adjustable discharge elbow to the top of the macerator.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]- See more at: http://extremehowto.com/flushing-upward/#sthash.OIxPxg4b.dpuf[/FONT]

could it have been the shower drain…those are 2"…toilet has to be 3 or 4

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