pvc used as dryer vent

Homeowner called for vent cleaning and what was found was a pvc vent. In addition to not being code compliant and a fire hazard, pvc creates static attracting more lint. The pictured vent is from a new home of 2 years with only 2 residents. Crew yesterday replaced pvc with approved metal vent.

Nanci great picture,

Beauchemin Marc-Andre
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What made them go with PVC?
I did an inspection last month, started outside and looked into what I thought was the dryer vent…it was blocked with insulation. So I thought well, maybe they relocated the exhaust somewhere else or were using one of those inside “pots”. Finally got to the basement and the blocked vent WAS connected to the dryer. There was quite a bit of lint building up in the area of the electrical panel and furnace. I would have loved to take the vent pipe down to see how blocked it was.

Great pics! Do you mind if I use the pictures for reference?

pictures are free to use… :slight_smile:

At first thought you would think PVC would be great for a dryer vent, smooth sides, no ridges or screws for the lint to be trapped. But you are right about the static cling. Great pixs.

Used a LOT around here for slab foundations. Never seen one plugged like that yet.