Qest PEX or PBX?

The house was 1997. White or translucent material that looked like pex. The only markings I could make out said “Qest”. Is this PEX?

051407 099 (Small).jpg 051407 098 (Small).jpg

Looks like pex to me

It looks like PEX, but it could be “tubing.” That is, “Quest” tubing.

Thanks. I thought so, but the date of the house made me think twice. Plus, I read where PB can be white (but I’ve never seen it).

Thanks again.

what is up with the corroded fittings?

What a timely photo…
I just had this conversation with my plumbing sub.Apparently , according to him, corrosion is an inherient side effect when crimp rings are used with PEX.Yes, the crimp rings are designed for use with PEX but ,as with anything,time tells the real story.My plumber said expansion and contraction causes the rings to wear and eventually leak.
I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has seen or heard of this.

Fortunately there are other types of fittings that prevent this problem.
I’m starting a new Spec home in June and will be useing PEX because copper is outrageous in cost. I’ll take and post pics. of the fittings and installation if anyone is interested in learning more about this piping method.

In looking at the photo again, I see a calcium trail along the bottom of the nearest tubing,a sure sign of a leak along with the verdigras on the crimp rings.

Looks like QEST POLYBUTYLENE. See the following for more info.


Eligible Systems

Michael, thanks for your reply. However, I had already looked at those links and I didn’t see any white tubing there. All the pipe shown is marked “PB2110” and I definitely didn’t see that.

The house is unoccupied and I’m going to swing by again tomorrow and take another look.


I can’t find any info on white PB either, just Black and Gray. And since QEST does also make PEX it a bit more confusing. Let us know if you find anything interesting. Either way there seems to be or have been some leaks. I can’t tell from the photos what the fittings are.

I am interested to know what you find out about this as I’ve seen clear tubing/ pipe like this more than once (not sure of trade name). Having seen the pex vanguard system a few times, the clear piping was an unknown. I approached it as if it was PB, researched it, and did not find a definitive answer. I did read somewhere that PB can be clear.

Went back to the hosue today and this is what was on the tubing: “astm-5877-csa-b137.5-hot/cold potable water tubing-sdr 9-100 psi at 180 degrees 3/4” cts 7/8 OD QEST 4P-c-03-21-97-3"

I called Zurn, who now owns Qest (www.zurn.com) and talked to someone there. She said the only PB pipe Qest ever made was gray. If it’s not gray, it’s not PB. She said if it’s white or translucent, it’s PEX.

I took her at her word. Case closed.

Have a good one;-)

Thanks for the update. Now I can relax. BTW, I am a NACHI member.