QOD- 1/4/2007 - Electricity

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Please define accessible as used in your question.

lol…how about NEC definition…that makes it easier…but in the normal sense of the word…

**Accessible (as applied to wiring methods).
**Capable of being removed or exposed without damaging the buildingstructure or finish or not permanently closed in by the structure
or finish of the building.

In the referenced examples above…of those ITEMS listed…they MUST remain accessible and not installed in a manner that would leave them Non-Accessible…

Ok…I dont want to give this one away yet…so I will post a reference and BLANK out the obvious…lol…Dang you JOHN…lol
**[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]XXX.XX ____________________to Be Accessible.
**XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX shall be installed so that the
wiring contained in them can be rendered accessible without
removing any part of the building or, in underground
circuits, without excavating sidewalks, paving, earth, or
other substance that is to be used to establish the finished

The Exceptions do not apply to this question…we are ONLY looking at the choices listed and normal situations.

I know I got this one right.


This is one of the many reasons that I think that the NEC is NOT God and needs some new blood to get it updated. Maybe another group needs to run in competition with them

I called a sub breaker panel behind a micro wave as not accessible

I also called a pull box for an electric furnaces behind a 4x8 sheet of ply wood held in place with dry wall screws as not accessible

I was “corrected” by the same local electrician with ref to the NEC

Sometimes we must leave the door open to judgement

Safety is the end product

Also what about the junction box rule that says that it can’t be buried in an attic x number of feet from the access point??

Not to give you a hard time but I think there are some BUTs on this issue

Good question – keep them coming


Accessible (as applied to wiring methods).
Capable of being removed or exposed without damaging the buildingstructure or finish or not permanently closed in by the structure
or finish of the building.

None of those items you mentioned would defeat the purpose of Accessible, the the same argument could be made for items WITHIN a panel itself…as long as they are accessible without DAMAGING the buildings tructure or finish…and not permanently closed in…none of which in my definition would violate that requirement.

This is not a NEC issue here…the fact is safety, in any home if you have junction boxes or pull boxes or outlet boxes located within a wall if you are able to even SEE this…it is a safety concern because you simply can’t get to that wiring…

Points taken my friend…however again all the examples you gave me are still considered accessible…we are not going INTO the aspect of being readily.


What about the requirement that I can’t remember the exactness of that said that junction boxes must be accessible within so many feet of attic access?

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Actually their is no requirement for junction boxes to be within so many feet from a attic access. There is a code that says you have to have a switched light…and the switch needs to be near the access…and some other things as well…

But nothing refering to junction boxes needing to be within so many feet of an access…

But for the sake of education…lol…( kinda late tonight fella…lol ) I will double check…but I can’t actually recall anything in regards to just a plain ole’ junction box near the access…