Qod 2-14-09

Bathroom Outlets :mrgreen:

Yes, I’m in favor of outlets in the bathroom . :wink:

No more coffee for you today Rick. :D:D

Oh, I thought it was a yes/no question. :wink:

I’ll take bathroom outlets for 400, Alex. :mrgreen:

What is 36?

A cubit???

I like a toilet in my bathroom!!

A cubit is generally considered to be the distance from the elbow the extended middle fingertip–about 18".

However, throught the annals of history, the cubit has referred to various lengths, mostly in the 20-28 inch range.

Well, you asked–see the question marks…

Typo Jae, I meant 2 cubits… :wink:

To be more exacting, shouldn’t it read… "Located within XX inches of the outside edge of **each **lavatory basin". ???

No it shouldn’t Jeffery. :D:D:D

Okay, I’ll give that one to you as I don’t have the reference to current codes… I was referencing my local using '03 IRC [3801.6] & '02 NEC [210.52D] I have to assume *current *has been revised. :D:D;-);-):cool:

I was using the 03 IRC also Jeffery. Here is a hint, in the first part of the question.

Think about what you said and what if each sink was 6 feet apart???

Located within 36 inches of the of the outside edge of the lavatory basin


Oh, well…ignore the previous telegram…:D:D:D

Absolutely pathetic… :twisted:

What the heck were we both doing on the INachi MB on Valentine’s Day Night ?!? :shock:

No need to answere that :twisted:

Okay Mr. Nit-Picky…

No need to answere that one either :D:D:D