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Q: How long ( Maximum ) should pieces of roll roofing be between seams? ( Length , not width )

ok…for the person who said 3 ft…I said LENGTH…not WIDTH of the roll itself…lol

Answer could be all of the above. Depends on length needed and how much is on the roll. (Or am I wrong?) I believe it was Abraham Lincoln, who when asked, “How long should a man’s legs be?” replied, “Long enough to reach the ground.”

Said MAXIMUM length allowed in a proper installation…not all possible lengths fella…

You are gonna have a problem with that stuff sealing right if the lengths are too long, normally they are rolled out and allowed to BREATHE so to speak before installation to reduce shrinking and deformation.


lol…man I figured my statement alone would have ruled out at least (1) of the options…lol…thanks for reminding me it did not Dale…lol

Paul, you should have asked; What is the maximum length of roll roofing when fastened down to compensate for shrinkage or swelling due to temperature differences from rolled to unrolled? JMO

Paul are we sure you want to get into roofing? You know so much about electrical. ha. ha.

Always unroll roofing on a flat, smooth surface. Take special care in cold weather not to crack or damage the roofing by rough handling.

Prevention Of Wrinkling Or Buckling
Cut the roll into two 18´ lengths or three 12´ lengths and place in a warm area (>50 degrees F) for 24 hours prior to application. Then loosely re-roll the sheets the reverse way. The roofing should be drawn up tightly during application. Wrinkles should be pulled out during final fastening.

Hope this helps. ha. ha.

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O.K. Sorry…Fella

Nope…starts making a question way to general…I did not make this question up…I find them in references books I use and so on through my vast library and present it to help educate…

The proper method for this installation is to roll it out, allow it to sit and develop to the environement much as we do with hardwood flooring prior to its installation…we allow it to acclimate to the environment.

lol…been doing inspections for 19 years fella…I can dabble in all areas…lol…notice your statement here…

…so what would be the MAXIMUM Lenth of (1) of those rolls you are allowing to acclimate…now all the possible ways to install it…lol…just WHAT would be the maximum…you gave the answer in the statement.

lol…just trying to bring QOD’s since you guys would be SOOOO upset if I posted electrical questions all the time…;)…and since the QOD is getting so random heck I figured I would give ya SOMETHING to comment on and think about which creates conversation and a learning environment…

See Marcel…your statement ACTUALLY taught how to install it properly and all the varibles of it…thats what I was going for, not to be considered an expert on it ( well I am with electrical…but we all know that and my head is large enough for all the red boxes telling me so )

A lot of truth to that Paul,

Keep up the good work.

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well boys im new here but the maximum allowed would be the actual maximum of length of roll allowing at least 6 inch overlap

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