QOD- 8/28/2007 - Electrical


The dedicated equipment space for electrical equipment that is required for panelboards is measured from the floor to a height of _______ above the equipment, or to the structural ceiling, whichever is lower.

a.) 3 ft
b.) 6 ft
c.) 12 ft
d.) 30 ft

OK guys…read the question. Some are seeming to assume WIDTH or DEPTH in this question…it refers to HEIGHT only…STOP…BREATH and READ!

Hey Paul,
I read it three times before I “voted” based on the above words (in red). Maybe the question is confusing others??? :wink:

It should not…the question was CLEARLY stated from the floor to the space ABOVE the panel or structual ceiling…not out from it…or from side to side…again it states:

Now…where the h*ll someone got 12’ from lord only knows…lol

Ok…this was my last QOD guys…hope you enjoyed it and best of luck in the future.

Oh…the answer was 6’…which is Answer b.


Electronics and electrical has been my profession since I was able to melt solder in 1952

The logical order of things - the on and off - way - what this area of science has done for mankind etc.

I wish others would become knowledgeable in this area of physics – it would change how they argue - fight and vote

Sorry to see that you are know longer going to post QOD - I have learned even with all that I already know -

BTW Why no more QOD’s – you can PM me if you wish


lol…just lost the desire to have anything to do with the so called Education Committee. I will leave that to the others and respectfully ask Mr. Gromicko to remove my name from the committee…

It appears that the need for educators itself within this association is going by the wayside so I just prefer to dedicate my time and efforts somewhere else right now. I will leave the QOD’s to our resident educational authorities.

But now you KNOW i love a good conversation old friend…so lets chat VOLTAGE anytime.

And to you sir – Fair winds and following seas

Catch you later down the line


Don’t be such a sorehead Paul. Your questions are fine. :smiley:

lol…sorehead…lol…me not wanting to post anymore QOD has nothing to do with the questions…lol…but has all to do with the fact no real education committee really exists…so frankly I got better things to do…nothing more.

Actually I may do another QOD…but if I do another one at some point I will SURLY make it so that everyone can see how everyone else posts…so the guy who picked 30’ can leave the industry…lol


I think the guys answering 30’ was just messy with ya. Thanks for all you done, many of us appreciate your QOD . . . good luck to you.

Thats the point…NACHI does not take Electrical Issues or Safety seriously.

I hope that is not true Paul. The recent hazards course does show that there is a concern for the safety of NACHI and non-NACHI inspectors IMHO. :cool:

Safety as a whole yes…Electrical Safety in General…nope. It should be a fundamental demand to gain higher knowledge of all things and Electrical Issues should be at the TOP of the heap in my opinion.

Based on the MANY calls I get…it is far from the top of the heap but then again it is only my opinion and basically another reason the education committee is non-existant really.

Again…all opinions…but alas…it is not just the HI industry as even electricians who are technically qualified lack education in electrical safety as required by the NEC…so not really a one picture thing…just an observation really.

I have met quite a few “experienced” HIs that have a poor understanding of electrical safety. It’s just a sad reality from what I’ve seen.

Your efforts here are appreciated by many and I hope you will reconsider.

Put together some mini courses for NACHI to promote better understanding. Your SE course was helpfull to many I’m sure to give one example.

lol…well I am against the FREE mentality really…I will leave those to others as I am not leaving anything…just not going to be doing more QOD’s…until a REAL Education Committee is formed and is REAL and has the support of NACHI…otherwise I will leave the course creation online to others.

That of course is your choice and a decent reason IMHO. Nothing in NACHI is truly free and it’s Nick who makes the ultimate decisions as to how membeship dues are spent. And that is his choice as well.:wink:

Yep…it’s not my puppy thats for sure…I have no say on it and don’t want any as I focus all my classes now days to electricians…thats my refocused passion…educating Electricians.

I will continue as others do here to aid in the education…just dont want to be on any boards that don’t agree with an education policy I happen to agree with…thats just a personal choice…nothing more.

I am and will always be here to aid in answering questions for the BEST members in the world…regardless of my feelings at the direction the education is going…plus my phone is always available to HI’s in need.

Thank you Paul

At this time with all that is going on this is best

Be safe out there – E still ='s IR

BTW just did an inspection on a home with a VERY professional emergency generator and Photo cell instalation. Very well done - would like to see more

Should have take some pix that were worth a darn

Next time