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In a dwelling unit , each wall space of __________ or wider requires a receptacle.

Hallways 10ft or more in length req. recep. Are we talking lenth of walk space or width?

Welcome to the question of the day Paul. I think he was referring to length and not width. But then there is no 10 for an answer so who really knows.

lol…not speaking of hallways…was never mentioned in the question…just a typical wall space in a dwelling…their is a minimum width that would require a receptacle…thats what we are shooting for…must be a GREAT question because it is stumping some…WHICH is GOOD…thats the intent.

Lets just say…70% are getting it wrong…does that help anyone…:slight_smile:

Isn’t there an extraneous ‘k’ in the original question? Wall space…

Not in the original question…that you actually VOTE on…my response might but the QOD is correct

That makes more sense.

Hey guys;

I think I blew this one too. :???:

Depends on the logic. The wall is 12 feet long, so if my wife wants a Christmas tree in the corner, I can still reach the receptacle within 6 feet in either direction.
So would that not meet the NEC requirements.

Electrical is not my forte’s, so hope you guys and girls, if any, can define.


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No logic…think about the question and what I am asking…ignore the first thing that comes to mind and THINK…minimums

lol…the poll itself aways had WALL Space…not walk space…it was just in my reply that I typoed…lol…but the original question was spelled correctly.

Over 70% still are getting this one wrong…

Each wall space 2 ft or more (610 mm or more) wide shall be treated individually and separately from other wall spaces within the room.

Reference - 2002 NEC 210.52

**(2) Wall Space. **As used in this section, a wall space shall
include the following:

(1) Any space 600 mm (2 ft) or more in width (including
space measured around corners) and unbroken along
the floor line by doorways, fireplaces, and similar openings

(2) The space occupied by fixed panels in exterior walls,
excluding sliding panels

[FONT=Times-Roman]size=2 The space afforded by fixed room dividers such as freestanding
bar-type counters or railings

FYI- The 6’ and 12’ refers to the spacing locations in that you must have a receptacle within 6’ from any opening and then every 12’ from that point on. Here is the excert for this reference.

**[FONT=Times-Bold]size=2 Spacing. **Receptacles shall be installed so that no point
measured horizontally along the floor line in any wall space
is more than 1.8 m (6 ft) from a receptacle outlet.

Also a good note is about floor receptacles…they are allowed to be counted as this space requirement as long as the following it met.

**[FONT=Times-Bold]size=2 Floor Receptacles. **Receptacle outlets in floors shall
not be counted as part of the required number of receptacle
outlets unless located within 450 mm (18 in.) of the wall.

So…the answer is INDEED 2 FEET !

Ok…Final Results…27 out of 35 got this one wrong…

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