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I missed this one if it was for 2/04/06.

Since it is so old I guess I can post this:

1971 Receptacles within 15 feet of pool walls
1971 All equipment used with storable swimming pools
1973 All outdoor receptacles
1974 Construction Sites

1975 Bathrooms, 120-volt pool lights, and fountain equipment
1978 Garages, spas, and hydro-massage tubs
1978 Outdoor receptacles above 6feet 6inches grade access exempted
1984 Replacement of non-grounding receptacles with no grounding conductor allowed

1984 Pool cover motors
1984 Distance of GFCI protection extended to 20 feet from pool walls
1987 Unfinished basements
1987 Kitchen countertop receptacles within 6 feet of sink

1987 Boathouses
1990 Crawlspaces (with exception for sump pumps or other dedicated equip.)
1993 Wet bar countertops within 6 feet of sink
1993 Any receptacle replaced in an area presently requiring GFCI

1996 All kitchen counters – not just those within 6 feet of sink
1996 All exterior receptacles except dedicated de-icing tape receptacle
1996 Unfinished accessory buildings at or below grade
1999 Exemption for dedicated equipment in crawlspace removed

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