QOD for 1/8/2006 manufactured homes

Hi to all,

here’s todays question, a simple Sunday one.




Nice House

Am I the only one who doesn’t see a picture?

Gerry is making these harder and harder by the day…:smiley:

Only kidding Jeff…I see the home.

Jeff, your internet explorer settings are probably set too high, I have had the same issues with some students not being able to see images embedded in the online courses I have done.



The property in the picture is the house of seven gables?


Gee, Jeff–everyone tells me that I’m the one who doesn’t get
the picture. :slight_smile:

Is the picture in a link or an attachment? I see neither.

My only “high” settings are for ActiveX.

Yeah. For you maybe. I know it begins with “m”.

I can see it in Joe’s post. . .

And I can see it if I “quote” your original post? What’s up?



One of your neighbors have a Zinsc:D That could be partially part of the problem.

Just a wild guess…

Happy to be of service.

The correct answer to this question is:


A modular is just like any other stick built house, it just happens to have been built in sections in a factory. Unlike a Manufactured home which has a steel frame under it.