QOD for 2/15/2006 New Contruction

Hi to all,

Here is todays question



Excellent questions!

:wink: what he said

This is just plain sad.:frowning:

lol…why…did you get it wrong Todd…tehehehehe

It’s ok Todd, I’ll have one for you…:wink:

I don’t know is 36" wrong? :o



lol…Ya Think…lol

think? think what…oh i get it, it’s an inside joke for those who have a code book…ANYONE HAVE AN EXTRA so i may join in the chuckles…lol…teheheheheh. (much love bro, much love)

I don’t have a code book, I’m just smart:p:p

friggin codeys…sheesh

o.k fine I’ll just add SMART to my list of things i wanna be when i grow up. There, i put it on my list…right between to astronaut and gynecologist.:mrgreen: :wink: :cool:

Good for you, now you will not wonder about the easy ones.:p:D

Hi to all,

the correct answer to this is 44 inches



lol…what code book…hell I only own an electrical code book…DO they make other code books Jay???..lol…