Qod For 4/6/06

All my pictures & questions were on my laptop

I checked off all of the buttons - does that count? Or is that a breach of ethical protocol?

BTW: Sorry to hear about your computers need for a fix of coffee.

If you had a panasonic toughbook, you could just hose it off and keep going.

You might consider switching to margaritas. Those who consume margaritas seem to be more protective of their liquid. They never report such mishaps and, of course, McDonalds has never been sued for a spilled margarita.

You were extremely happy you backed up all your stuff on your remote hard drive.:stuck_out_tongue:

i spilled a beer on my keyboard once and it looked like this. a;dlgojqp oriuqpt09j u-q05uaogij pq9e58yu3098j’PO K

You’re keyboard looked like that?

You mean your monitor, right?

Too many beers!:wink: