QOD for 1/5/2006

Hi to all,

Here’s todays question.

Sorry that should read "mechanical bath & kitchen fans"



Is a both an english thing.I did spend some time with the Royal Marines but never heard that.

No Its a “shouldn’t attempt typing until the coffee has taken effect” thing, and at present I can’t edit questions once they are posted, Chris is looking into this. :wink: :wink:



Sorry Gerry I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve got it narrowed down to 19x4 or 19x6.

lol…Joe you Kill me…lol…

Question about the QOD? Is it just me or does a poll once answered show the results with one answer italicized. The one the viewer answered italicized?

Hi Jason, yes I believe it italicizes the answer you selected. neat EH :mrgreen:



Maybe if I get the right answer somebody will finally get me back on the board as a member. It’s been 6 days and counting and there still doesn’t seem to be anyone that can fix this.

I don’t know if I got my answer right but at least I am now a NACHI member again.

Davie -

Welcome back!!


I never left but the new message board thought I did for some odd reason.

Well, hmmm, was it 76 or 114;-)


been busy today forgot to post the answer, which is: