QOD for 6/20/06 plumbing

Hi to all,

Here is todays question.



You could write a whole book on that water heater.

It might be easier to tell them what is right about it.

Whatcha you wanna bet this was a plumber’s house? Small fortune in all the connectors and elbows, gate valves.

I’ll take that bet Doug, after looking at the picture again my money says it is a Landscapers House.:slight_smile:

I bet that it is Tony N house or one of his properties that he plans on flipping.

I missed the poll but I have to say yes…
CPVC materials rated with a higher HDS (Hydrostatic Design Stress) are suitable for hot water distribution where water heaters are installed with relief valves set at 150 psi, 210 F.
Would I on the othe hand…no, PEX for sure :wink:

My vote is no.

“Needed are what’s called “transition unions” to go between the metal heater threads and the plastic piping. Some manufacturers of plastic fittings also call for the use of foot-long threaded steel nipples between the water heater and the transition unions to distance them from conducted burner heat.”


Yeah…what Joe just said.

Should special considerations be taken to connect CPVC to a hot water heater? In some instances, yes. However, these considerations are based on concerns regarding external sources of heat. The hot water from the heater will not affect the CPVC

The emphasis of my previous statement concerned the use of transition unions when connecting CPVC to water heaters. Transition unions are designed to compensate for the difference in coefficients of expansion which exist between CPVC and metal pipe in hot water applications.