QOD for 7/20/2006 roofing

Hi to all,

sorry for the recent lack of QOD, but sometimes I have to work for a living :wink:

Here’s todays question.



IMG_0499 (Small).jpg


Are they using those in Florida?

Is there any data regarding longevity available?

I’ve never seen them.

I’ve seen one house in Columbia that has them. The ones I saw were heavy PVC and carries a 50 year pro rated warranty. One thing about them that I found out-even a small amount of moisture, like the dew on the shaded side of the house makes them slick as snot to walk on.

The horror. . . :shock:

I know, tell me about it :mrgreen:



Check into becoming a non profit and taking donations or you could become an educator like Gerry and make the big $$

Hi Gerry


That is some pretty flexible asbestos.:smiley:

Even more flexible slate…

now that is funny:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: