Question about a basement fixture


I’m new to home inspections and current going through the course and inspecting my own home. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? It’s under the living room in the basement, not far from the furnace.


Fire suppression canister with a fusible link on the bottom.
Upgrade from the fire bomb.


Marcel has it!

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Welcome to our forum, Dominic!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Vapyr-X fire extinguisher glass bulb:

Sealed bulb contains unknown liquid I was told that its contents (carbon tetrachloride) may be carcinogenic.

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Wonder how much they want for that.?
Also wonder how affective those things were back then.

Nice find. Maybe the OP can sell his and make some money. LOL

A few years ago, I ran into one of these during an inspection of an old house. It was installed next to the furnace and its glass container was full. I have a picture somewhere.

Never seen one of those. We had the grenade one in my fathers garage and he also had some sort of canister that you actually hand pumped on the the fire if needed. Luckily, never had to use them. Garage was a 100 feet long.

I have this relic.
A Kiddie VL, still has the Carbon tetrachloride in it. :grimacing:




Nice Zenith radio. Is it still working Marc?

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Absolutely yes!
It was my grandparents & I had it restored & shiny as you can see in the pic!


Agree! Nice! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the info. Very helpful!