Fire Trap - Gotta see this.

Thought I would share this. When I walked down the stairs to basement the first thing I notice was this bright yellow vinyl material with a cloth like fiber backing. It was attached to the floor joists and covered the entire basement ceiling. Then I turned the corner and had to duck under the hot water heater exhaust vent. I stepped back and just gazed at it for awhile to figure out how the H*** am I’m going to write this up. I panned the basement and this stuff was basically in contact with the ceiling light bulbs (in back ground of picture), and more… The vinyl ceiling cover basically drapped over the hot water exhaust vent pipe and as for the exhaust vent, well the picture tells all. Length of vent, multiple slopes, hangers, bends, open connections… I can’t believe this place has not gone up in smoke or serious issue with the combusted gases filling the place. Who ever lived there would never had a chance in a fire because there was not one smoke alarm in the place.

Really crazy ,but how come the vinyl does not look melted John?
Was the HWH on? and did you tear the stuff down?
If the tank was on and the place empty I would have.


The End