Question about Electrical Panels

Today I inspected a building that has two panels fed from a single meter. The panel on the main level contains a 200-amp main with a 100-amp breaker that is labeled for the second panel in the basement. The second panel in the basement contains a 200-amp main with neutral wires that are not isolated inside the box. The main wire also appears to be undersized, which suggests that it is in fact coming from the 100-amp breaker in the upstairs panel and not directly from the meter as it appears outside. Would this be considered a “sub-panel,” and if so, is it a problem for further evaluation by an electrician?

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Second answer is yes. REFER IT TO A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN, for correction as needed.

Pictures would help, with the dead front covers off of the cabinets, however. :smile:

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yes and yes…second distribution panel is most likely fed and protected by the 100 amp breaker but in that panel the grounds and neutrals should be seperated. send it off to the sparkies for repair…

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If the feeders are sized correctly for the 100A breaker, it doesn’t matter that there is a 200A breaker in the distribution panel


Thanks, Larry. I assumed this would be the recommendation, I just didn’t want to provide more work than necessary for the owners. They are in the process of certification for commercial use and needed a safety inspection to move forward.

And why are you performing this SAFETY inspection?

This is why Ohio doesn’t allow just anyone to comment on electrical installations.

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Hello, Michael. Perhaps I misspoke. It is a commercial storefront currently occupied by an addiction services treatment provider. For their certification with the state to bill Medicaid, they need a general inspection of the building to ensure there are no outstanding safety issues. When I asked if they needed a code inspection or a specially certified inspector to do the job, they told me that a general inspection would suffice. Do you think I should have deferred to someone else?

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Could you please provide an image for the member’s so we can see the SE cables are routed to the equipment please.

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