Question about Hardy Board?

Question about Hardy Board siding… as it is fastened with nails along the leading top edge of the board, is it normal to get 1-2 inch swing of the bottom edge of the board. Could this be a wear issue or is it normal, the width of the Hardy Board siding is approximately 12".
I have added some photos, some of the defects do stand out.
this hose bib was under the Hardy Board siding

all the butt ends of the siding were not sealed properly

this is the result of a leaking hose bib (not proper frost free)

this is the starter strip for the Hardy Board siding, placed in directing of the balcony flooring

I see snow, so I am assuming you are in the HZ-5 zone. Here is a quick link.

There is more, I will find it momentarily

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Here is all their information.

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Thanks for the info Brian, very helpful! I am in Zone 6 Alberta Canada, there are some big winds but not enough to blow the siding off this15 year home lol

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And to answer your original question, when the siding is applied using the blind nail technique there will be some “play” when you lift the bottom edge. However, a couple of inches sounds like too much.

Maybe not enough fasteners secured to the framing studs or not enough fasteners in general??

Improper fasteners, improper nailing pattern, inadequate overlap, fasteners not set to the proper depth etc. Some pin nailing is acceptable in problem areas. However, if this is a widespread problem it might be prone to wind damage.

James Hardie installation instructions have changed over the years, so what they were doing then may not be acceptable today. James Hardie has updated their instructions as a response to what has happened over the years in the field.


Just report what you see, James, and refer it out to a qualified Hardie board siding contractor or the Hardie Board rep.