question about inspection today

When the ac was running, there was air coming out of the vents, but I had to put my hand right up to the vent to feel it. My thinking, report it to be defered to a licensed HVAC technician to check the volume of air coming out of the blower. Would this be correct?

I agree with your conclusion.

That will do Fine
There could be many reasons why little air flow from closed dampers to that room, to dirty furnace filter, to dirty unit inside the furnace.
A slipping fan belt
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Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate it. I thought that would be the best course of action, just wanted a second opinion. Thanks again. By the way, the furnace filter was absolutly filthy, so I suspect that was a lot of the problem. I did report that the filter needed changing.

A blanket clause for me is that if the furnace has not been inspected by a lic HVAC tech in the last 12 months:

Have unit inspected: Last service date of this system is more than one year ago or is unable to be determined. We recommend that a qualified heating and cooling technician inspect the unit, including the heat exchanger, and perform a Carbon Monoxide test before closing. Recommend that this system be inspected, serviced and repaired as necessary annually in the future.

I always include a similar clause…the system should be checked annually, anyway–so why not get into the habit right away…

I agree with the recommendations for service, and I think at this point most of us have that recommendation in our reports. Remember that we are not required to report on the air flow of the system, but it is a good idea to if you find it!

From our SOP:

The inspector is not required to:

C. Determine the uniformity, temperature, flow, balance, distribution, size, capacity, BTU, or supply adequacy of the heating system.

I can rent you my uncalibrated anemometer if you wish.:wink: :mrgreen:

Your funny Brian !!!:slight_smile:

Why are home inspectors not able to check volume of air coming out of registers? Why would the buyer not have had a HVAC inspection/tuneup anyway?

Two reasons why HIs do not check the Volume.
(1) Time how long do you think an Inspection would last if we started to do all these things like water pressure and flow ,air flow,electric Voltage ,and more , It is also not part of the SOP.
(2) Liability only increases on every thing we do and check.
We are in the home to get a snap shot of the Major conditions by doing a visual inspection .
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I check water pressure and flow on private wells, especially on community wells, just curios how many other inspectors do the same?

Comunity wells can have very different reading at different times of the day.

How many have you done and
how many had a serious concern and
how do you report your findings.

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I actually have done only a few on community wells and have not found a problem yet. We have a few over fifty five communities being built in this area and more to come. I have been asked about water pressure and do test it but I would like to have some sort of procedure for them. If I found one under pressurized I would write it up and defer it.
Since most of these are new homes it can be deferred back to the builder before they close. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

I just check by turning on the water flow looks good I check water temp and move on.
You can end up doing things that are not needed and take to long with your inspection .
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I check for pressure because years ago when I worked for The Building Inspector of America the owner checked a well in a house that had low water pressure and deferred it, as it turned out the owners had the pump pulled and it was covered in sludge. The well comp. said it would have burned up the pump, they also had to snake the water line all the way into the house. Most likely cause was bacteria building up around the pump and they recommended chlorinating the well every 6 months.
I talked to a well company I have done business with and they recommend installing a sleeve and a sock which is a pvc pipe with holes in it and a sock which looks to me like cheese cloth.

I think wells are an important part of the house/inspection and I’m sorry I had plans when the well seminar came to my area.

Wells require maintenance just as other components of the house. Any comments about this thread I would be interested in. I guess this is probable the wrong forum though