Question about the National Test.

I just finished my requirements for home inspection in my state. What is the test like? I know the one on this site has gotten to the point that it’s become really easy. I was just wondering if it’s anything like the practice test on this site?

What State do you live in?

I took the test in LA this summer. The test covers ALOT of different areas- The challenge was that it was mulitple choice and had more than one correct answer to choose. You are graded by choosing the most correct answer.
Study hard, and Good Luck!

In South Carolina we had to take a residential builders test for home inspector license. It was very difficult and had many questions with some answers that all seemed could be correct. However I found a testing company online called compucram that gaurantees if you take their system and use it properly and fail your test they will refund your money. It cost about $65.00 I think and was worth the investment. I learned more from that than from the Teacher giving the training classes I took. You might want to check it out.

Good luck

Beware of vendors selling you a “guarantee”

Have you taken it…and passed?

It depends on what national exam you are talking about. There are several. Statistically the NHIE is by far the easiest with a 68% pass rate and a 70% correct answer cut-off score, and NACHI’s online exam is the hardest with only a 44% pass rate and an 80% correct answer cut-off score… and that’s even with it being open book.

The other national exams or state licensing exams (some states have their own) are somewhere between the easiest (NHIE) and the hardest (NACHI’s).

Whatever exam you need to take, visit: the night before.

You know Nick, stats can be deceiving. I think the reason such a discrepency exists in the score averages is because of the average person that is taking the test. A lot of brand new or wanna be HI’s take the NACHI test, thus reducing the average score. The test itself is much easier than the NHIE. If a person that scored a 70 on the NHIE took the NACHI test they’d probably come close to acing it.

I totally agree with this. I passed the NACHI exam but I am certain that when I first started here I couldn’t have passed the NHIE. People try it for a lark as well, so not everyone will pass.
I don’t think someone who is a veteran home inspector would ever have trouble passing the NACHI test.

I agree with James and Wendy.

I found the nachi online test to be very easy. I found the NHIE to be more difficult, but not frighteningly so. If you have a construction background, if you have received formal training (the two week courses), if you study - you will pass.

It is not a bar that is used to disqualify good home inspectors. It is a measure of reasonable competency and knowledge.

Ditto, what James, Wendy, and Joe said…:smiley:

I found the NHIE to be very easy.

It was a “Walk in the Park” and I could not understand all of the hype and hoopla attached to it.:roll:

I dont think there is any hype or hoopla, and I don’t think anyone here is indicating it is anything on the order of ICC testing.

It is a measure of reasonable competency and knowledge. The reason there are many questions and concerns regarding NHIE is that it is required in many jurisictions for licensing and for other associations for membership. It is also something that some Realtors or Clents may be knowledgable enough to ask about.

Anthing that is required, regardless of level of ease, will naturally present some apprehensions for those about to take it.

Like you, I did not find the NHIE particularly difficult, but I think it should be approached seriously and with respect (especially if you NEED it to get a license).


If you charged $195 for the NACHI Exam, made people who failed wait 30 days, and then charged them another $195 to retest, do you think the Passing Percentage would rise?

I’ve had students take the Illinois test, the Oklahoma test, the Arkansas test, the Texas test, the NACHI, test, the NHIE test and the NAHI CRI test.

Some students have taken multiple tests - some have taken multiple tests. Some have passed all - some have failed all. Some think NHIE is tuff, others say the NAHI CRI is tuffer than NHIE and more relevant.

I train for all tests using only the NACHI test & code check and have about a 97% pass rate.

Joe, The “Hype & Hoopla” that I was referring to is the "CONSTANT" propaganda that we receive in New England.

That being said, I agree with your point of view that this test as well as all others should be taken seriously.

v Most especially if it affects your livelihood.

Tell me again what the purpose of a Test is for licensure purposes.

Hasn’t it become redundant when the following happens…

  • Everyone who is in business today will be grandfathered.
  • Everyone in the future wanting to enter the business will be required to sucessfully complete 80 hours or more of classroom education with tests.
    These schools, and their curriculum and testing methods have already been approved by the state. So with that in mind, of what value or purpose is another “national test” for licensure purpose other than to line someones pocket. The “Free” NACHI exam serves the same exact purpose as the EBPHI Exam. It tests those on competency before entering the profession. Much like an aptitude test.

Perhaps successful completion of a national test would allow one to skip all the schooling. Much the same as someone passing the bar exam and becomig licensed without ever stepping foot into law school.

Its totally irresponsible of states to mandate the completion of hundreds of hours of schooling to simply pass an entry level exam. I say we get rid of the testing requirements for state licensure. It’s not needed.

John unfortunatly they do not listen to your logic.
Roy Cooke

Wouldn’t it be logical for schools to require successful completion of the NACHI or EBPHI exam prior to acceptance for training. They are after all entry level exams.

In my book the first school to require this would move up on the credibility list.

I agree. Although I passed the NHIE I didn’t even come close to my score on the NACHI test. I had a friend of mine take the NACHI test just for the fun of it. He is not a home inspector so he didn’t do very good on it. Stuff like that is why the stats don’t tell the real story.