NHIE Deterence From Licensing

I have come to the conclusion that the NHIE is a deterence from licensing in states that has adopted this exam to protect their interests and profit. I have taken this exam 6 times and have not passed it yet! At 195.00 a shot, do the math! How can a person pass an exam when you do not know the questions that were missed? You can’t even challenge any questions because you simply do not know which question you got wrong in any of the categories of the test. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going any further with this home inspection business because of a stupid piece of paper that tells me that I am qualified to be a home inspector! For some of you that have been grandfathered into this profession without taking this test, my hats are off to you. It does no good to write to your congressional about this because they are protecting themselves. This issue was brought up many times in different threads under this category. For those of you who have not taken this test who are so called “newbies” I wish you all the luck. This test is made to be tricky. Each time you take it there are different questions added in to prepare you to “FAIL”. For those of you that were grandfathered into this profession without taking the NHIE, no comments please!

Did you use this tool to study? My understanding these are the questions on or similiar to the NHIE.

This is how government (ASHI) wants control, and they are getting it in states that require the NHIE. It is a virus that is getting out of hand. If you are not “their” member, they can say and test whatever they want. I hear most questions do not have anyting to do with an inspection at all, and are over and above SOP’s. You know the drill.

If you can’t challenge an exam how does one know they actually failed it and someone is not fudging on the marking. That system sucks.

This topic was brought up before, even Nick got involved with it. What can you do. I have a degree in construction techology. If this profession lets a piece of paper noting that you have past the NHIE in order for you to get your state license. The H____with it? I am 61 years old. In 4 years I retire permanently anyway. Whatever home inspectors that contributed to the pool of questions to make up this exam sure was not thinking of their fellow home inspectors. They were all out for themselves. Let me ask you Gerry and Gary. Did you have the opportunity to take this luxury exam?

We do not have anything of that sort up in Canada yet except for B.C. So no I have not. But I do feel your pain. There should be some sort of way to verify your marks.

The Illinois licensing exam is based on the NHIE exam. It is a tough test to pass. I took it and passed it the first time as a newbie right out of an 80 hour course. Maybe you’re not cut out to be a home inspector.

Linas your a piece of work even on Thanksgiving.

Harvey what have you done in order to prepare for the NHIE?

Carson, Dunlop & Associates, Ltd. (2003). *The illustrated home. *Toronto, ON: Carson, Dunlop & Associates.

CodeCheck Complete

The Complete Book of Home Inspection,
by Norman Becker

Home Inspection Handbook,
by John Traister

These sources should put you well on your way. Also spend 30 mins a day going over NACHI’s online test generator.

Sorry I spoke my mind. This might help.

I am not trying to brag, just passing on advice. I purchased the ahit study materials and passed the test in TN, your state also, in 45 minutes. If your interested I have all the stuff. You are free to contact me and we can work out a deal. I had to pay $1000 for all this crap, but if did prepare me for the exam. Let me know if you want it.

I’m going to have to agree with Linus. While the test is poorly worded, it isn’t that difficult. Not passing 6 times? Ouch.

Reading the Code Check books will help you greatly. I used the condensed version as a study tool. There are code related questions on the exam.

Don’t be so mean Steve. Hope your Thanksgiving is going well.

Nothing personal, but if you could not pass this in** 6** attempts I would advice you to choose another career. Some questions are tricky, but not rigged. I passed it 1st try.

If you can’t pass a final exam after trying six times, no matter what profession it is, it’s time to move on.

Licensing can solve something. :mrgreen:

Six times is excessive I agree. However it really boils down to two causes. Some people are extremely level headed, book smart however freeze during a test then some fail to plan for a test. Thats why I asked what did you do to prepare? As for Linas it’s the way he goes about it. I don’t dislike the man I just think he’s crude at times.

There is a third reason and I am in no way alluding that is the case in this instance. Some people are just stupid. There is a reason that some adults are employees at the local quickie mart instead of another career. One need merely look at posts on blogs and message boards throughout the internet to see that poor spelling, improper syntax and lack of common sense appear to be the norm. And those are the people that are “smart” enough to use a computer. Imagine those that aren’t.

Better things to do.

Fixed. :mrgreen:

Happy Thanksgiving!