Question about window bars

Hi all,
Just a homeowner, was reinspected and since I had no paperwork on the shutters (inherited from absentee previous owner) the rates rose. The house has heavy iron bars installed on all openings along with the non-documented aluminum shutters, do bars count for anything as far as hurricane protection. In addition, how can I get these shutters inspected?Thanks,

Hi Kevin
Defiantly read the link as permanent steel bars can be a real safety hazard blocking egress in an emergency.

Three young children died in a fire in Spring Valley on February 6, 2008, because they were trapped in their bedrooms by bars. See; click on the third video down on the right-hand side; the children’s dad was a college friend of mine. I will never look at security bars the same way again.

Rules in Canada say they must be able to open from the inside without a key if they are egress windows. All windows have to be low enough for easy egress from a basement bedroom and if bars are installed on the egress window the bars must not be locked and easily opened without tools.

No. They don’t.