Security Bars Question..Pics included

Do all the security bars have to have a inside release. this one did not.

What about security bars over sliding glass doors? This one had
a key lock on the inside…in case of a fire the resident would need
a key…I need help on the proper fire safety installation if a residence
has security bars…

Were the security bars in the top picture on a bedroom window or living, dining or other room?

David, I think what Steve is getting at is;
that bars, grills covers, screens or similar devices are permitted to be placed over emergency escape and rescue openings, bulkhead enclosures, or window wells that serve such openings, provided the minimum net clear opening size complies with the 5.7 s.f. rule in R 310.1.1 and such devices shall be releasable or removable from the inside without the use of a key, tool or force greater than that which is required for normal operation of the escape and rescue opening.

In short, if it is not a means of rescue opening or the sole means of egress out of the dwelling, than it would be OK.

Hope this helps.:):smiley:

I think he’s asking should all bars have a way to unlock from the inside and the answer is yes. He states one set of bars on a window is missing this function.

Billiy, if it is not required to meet the egress code nor the emergecy escape opening requirements, why do they have to be operable with a lock and key. ?:):smiley:

Nice power point display on the subject Bruce.

The IRC is clear on security bars and where they need to be self releasing or opened without tools.
That does not limit one from installing fixed security bars in all other locations. :):smiley:

Good point Marcel I knew I misread it. lol

thanks Marcel R. Cyr](