Wind Mitigation on Condo

Does the front door count when it opens up to an enclosed hallway??

The condo has hurricane shutters on every opening, but the front door has glass that’s not protected. In this case the door opens up to an enclosed hallway, should they still get credit for the hurricane protection?

It is a door that’s part of/included with the condo.
I would mark it at least one or more glazed openings not protected.
The form & insurance carrier do not care about specifics.

That’s what I had originally - the client is complaining to the insurance company, who reached out to me to “double check”. Figured I’d throw it on here to the masses and see if there were any other opinions on the matter.

The only nit I have to pick with Marc’s assessment, is if the door opens to non-conditioned space that is still essentially outdoors. I.e. an enclosed breezeway. At that point, if the doors to the condos were rated, it’s rated.

I mean, you can have a condo with a completely open space up to the door of the condo. Closing that off only helps the structure.

Like these condos in Kissimmee FL who engineers have warned has breezeways that are subject to collapse from a bad design, not a hurricane. But wouldn’t you rate the condo on it’s door and windows? Assuming the breezeway didn’t collapse on you during on a sunny Thursday ;0.

I am speaking of the form reporting rules. The opening is not protected.

Does the “enclosed” hallway have protection? If so I would call it protected. The interior doors are not required to be rated.

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