Question For Nick Or Chris M Forum Titles

In the members inly section how come the top title./description says: InterNACHI Inspectors Only

This section is for InterNACHI inspectors only. Non-members cannot view or post in this section.

The key term here is in Bold type that YOU guys created. Is this just some more BS ? If it is for Inspectors Only as YOU say, then why can all members read and post even though they are not orn ever were an inspector?

People this does not need to be another pissing thread. I just need to hear what the powers to be have to say.


If they are any type of InterNACHI member (inspector, invisible, HUD employee, staffer, vendor, student, instructor, government regulator, retired, etc) they can enter the *members-only *sections of the message board.

If they are any type of non-member (the public, google, bing, registered user, guest, real estate agent… even if signed up for free real estate agent CE, etc) they cannot enter or even view the members-only sections of the message board.

So the title is incorrect? This section is for InterNACHI inspectors only

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Saved :roll::roll::roll:

So the “rumors” are TRUE. You are part of InterNachi administration now.

99% of our membership are also inspectors. Most of the time I am addressing inspectors who are also members and so I use the phrase “InterNACHI inspectors.” My use of this phrase is not mean to imply that out other members are technically denied permission to member areas such as the courses, benefits, or forums.

Back when I went to grade school, if I was 99% correct… I got an “A.” :wink:

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All of you especially Nathan have it all wrong once again.

Nathan why do you always think everything is about you? You are so egotistical it is pathetic. This applies to ANYONE who is not an inspector.

Nick this was not intended to be another pissing match, but as you can see Nathan did his thing again

Simply change the title to read MEMBERS only, and not Inspectors. That should be simple enough. No need for all this BS.


That would harm our inspectors… I mean “members.”

This just shows once again how pathetic you really are.

What does it matter how much an inspector earns or how many inspections they perform? That crap only matters to salesmen. There are many reasons why an inspector may not do many inspections in a year. Heck, with my health issues I may only be in the field a few years then I will go into teaching. I will still be an inspector, just on the teaching side of things. Just like Nick is still considered an inspector. So take that line of thinking you always spew and shove it.

I hate to tell you this once again, there are WAYYYY more than the few names you always mention that can’t stand to see your name in every thread and wish you were not taking NACHI down into a cesspool of vendor spamming threads.

Is it to much to ask that Us inspectors can have just 1 section where we can talk about our biz without any outsiders?


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Pretty close to being the Comeback of the Century… lol.

In general we try to use the word “inspector” for SEO purposes (just like you should use “[city name] inspection” wherever you can on your website). Nothing more than that.

Correct, see post #10.

Hope that helps


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Can we get Inspector 12 to start posting. It may liven up the joint :slight_smile: