The COE Revision You Asked For Nick!

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Hey Nick, when are you going to stop assholes like Nate from insulting real home inspectors in the Members Only Section?


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What has NACHI come to.

Vendor written COE.


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Agree, simply amazing!

Why not? NACHI was allowing vendors to provide interpretation on the old one and coordinated revisions to it with representatives of contractors, as well.

Having the vendor write one seems to make just as much sense.

Well I see your point.

I guess like John Bowman says we need to trust NACHI;-)

I have a membership card for Sam’s Club, where I can access various products and services at discounted prices, too.

If they have a code of ethics, it would certainly apply here, as well. Maybe a better process would be to simply duplicate it instead of reinventing the wheel. If they don’t have one, perhaps we don’t really need one either.

Looks like checkmate to me, Thornberry has won this round and the NACHI website too. I see no reason to keep the fight going on here it as it will more than likely end up with people other than Thornberry leaving NACHI.

The fight must be now moved to the legislative process in each & every state which already has licensing provisions in place. In states that have not yet adopted licensing the move should be to inform consumer watchdog groups, the Realtor associations and the general public.

It is truly a shame that NACHI sold out to the vendors, we had the opportunity to halt this contagion in it’s infancy unfortunately when the government gets involved who knows how this will end. Personally I’d simply be happy for the hostilities between home inspectors over Thornberry’s bull**** to cease.

Nick is letting this all get a pathetic and incredibly unprofessional. Vendors and contractors all who collect clients private information and use it for anything they want now being able to help write Professional Home Inspectors Codes of Ethics ?? wow comical in my opinion. NACHI is lowering its standards more and more everyday.

As of late we have:
No working Ethics Committee,

vendors writing the codes of ethics,

Nachi fully endorsing home inspectors to sell their clients private information

NACHI allowing vendors to insult Home Inspectors at free will.

NACHI allowing vendors to threaten Home Inspectors with ridicules, frivolous law suits for having “private” discussions.

Is this for real?
Has this organization given up on all professionalism?
Are Home Inspectors now the feeding source for all these vendors and contractors to get all their leads from?

This is nuts.!!!


So! Why don’t you just move on since you don’t like being here?

Who asked you for anything? :roll:

Remember what happened to Nicks’ buddy Bowman. I predict the same for Nathan if he keeps on.

Listen newbie. You need to go crawl under a rock.
Some of us care about the profession we have worked hard to create. Take your cynicism and shove it and if you need help I am happy to oblige, shi…t for brains.


All you do since you got into the debate is bth and complain like an old woman.

And all you have managed to do is keep your nose up a certain vendor’s backside.

I totally agree Joe. I thought a few months ago this would all go away and it was kinda fun toying this this nathan puppet. Unfortunately Nick has taken a liking to him or his checkbooks, who knows what it really is. It is truly puzzling to say the least.

But you are correct it is time for a much larger audience to be informed as to exactly what is happening here now. There are already a few threads on Active Rain, which is a start, but more needs to be done.


You and James must have an anal fetish !
Perverts !