Question for the HG guys

I’m playing with a trial version of HG. Was wondering if there was a way to switch the “inspection items” and “style and materials tab” on the template (Have the styles tab on the left and the inspection tabs on the right). Not a big deal. I just always gather the info first and always go from left to right. Thanks guys

Not that I’m aware of. Once you get into a completing a few inspections it will become 2nd nature to have it this way.

Personally I fill in styles last as its the easiest. Once comments are complete I knock that out and start proof reading.

Steve is correct. It does become second nature in a very short period.

If however you are set on Styles and Materials first, you can have auto-comments drop in the item automatically by selecting the Style and Material first.

For Instance, If you selected EIFS as your wall cladding a paragraph on EIFS that you pre-selected will automatically drop into the inspection item for you. If you had more than one EIFS comment then a window pops up to allow you to select. This is all happening as you select your Styles and Materials.

Got it. Thanks guys

This is a great tip/feature that I was not fully aware of. Its easy to set up and I can already see that it will be a big time saver!

Thanks HG

Same here. Will be great for standard comments used for EIFS, PB pipes, FP panels, etc. Good stuff HG!

YES! Working on adding/updating now.

Wow, had no idea. Thanks HG. Love the software

Another method I use to speed things up is utilizing the F3 key.

Once all my comments are in and its time to move to styles and materials, I hit the F3 key. This takes me to first unanswered item.

I use the left hand for the F3 key and my right hand is on the mouse checking off the appropriate items. You can fly through this area in a minute or two.

Then I go to photo markup from the beginning and edit those in one batch.

I’m sure you will develop your own methods, just thought I’d share mine.

Dont forget about the Auto fill feature. If you take the time to load them up they are a huge time saver especially if you inspect a lot of similar dwellings like condos.

Do your styles and materials on the companion, it is much faster than the computer. If you use your phone, you will never have to remember them, even if you do not complete your inspection on site. We like to check to make sure we have all of them, before we leave the home this ensures we looked at everything and we have all the info we need(we use a team approach).

While doing our initial walk through we take pictures with the companion and put them in the overview section. The clients love the extra images and they are no extra work when put in that way.

Only if the home is a pos will I switch to a camera, if it isn’t my report is just about completed on site. We check and merge after the inspection.

Great tips John!

Here’s another for auto-comments but its for those that can type fast.

You can create a smart letter that represents large paragraphs of text. For instance, for recommending engineers or tradesman.

You could type the defect out and then type r then hit ctrl space and a auto-comment window will pop up with perhaps large paragraphs of well worded text recommend further investigation by a licensed qualified plumber etc.

To set this up: in HG sw at the top menu line select Templates all smart words. Make a smart letter r then make all your canned comments for it. (don’t forget SaveT)

I’ve been adding auto comments to the style and material lists. However it seems that you cannot add two auto comments to an inspection item. For example I have auto comments set up to always add upon start up these are usually safety, maintenance or operational tips. When I set up an auto comment to be added from the style and materials to one of the inspections items that already has an auto comment it does not add the second auto comment.

Russell, I love this feature and have been using it for a long time. Will or is this feature a possibility with HG companion?