Inspection Item

I’m wondering how to link the condition of an inspection item to an auto comment so that it adds the comment in the report based on which box is checked. (so if I check IN, is it possible to have a comment populated based on checking inspected such as “all the walls were in good condition with no deficiencies noted”?) I know how to do this in the styles and materials section. I’m a bit behind on some of the upgrades, but trying to get caught up. Thanks for any comments!

**"All the walls **were in good condition with no deficiencies noted ."
No way would I ever say that ,That is a judgement call what is good to you for sure will not be good to some one else .

I agree with you Roy. I wouldn’t use that exact statement either…just giving an example. What I am seeing in general with some inspectors is that their reports are adding statements similar to this on inspection items. What I mean is that they make some comment about that item functioning normally, within expected parameters, no deficiencies noted ect…

When I first started seeing this, I thought, oh boy, soft reporting, and, also thought, wow are they opening themselves to liability. I re-inspected one house recently based on such a report, as the inspector missed quite a few big things. Problem is, the realtors here are giving lots of business to inspectors like this. Going back some years, lots of the Realtors used to complain that I didn’t also focus on the good aspects of the home and highlight them. When I’m done with the inspection, I try very hard to give the customer a good sense about the overall condition, all things considered…75 years old ect…wrap it into one tight ball…but I don’t tell them if they should buy it or not, and my report simply notes if an item was inspected or not, and if there is something to say…i.e. not working, safety concern, repair or replace, recommended upgrades in some cases.
Yes, I know I don’t work for realtors, and yes, at the same time, they can, and do, kill some of my business.