Question for Wood Floor Guys

If walking on a wood floor near the baseboard causes load popping noises along the whole wall, is there a problem and what is it?

does the flooring run parallel or perpendicular to the wall?


Without actually seeing it first hand, my first GUESS would be that the boards were cut too long, and there is no expansion gap between their ends and the wall. I think they have expanded, and when they pressed against the wall and had no where else to go, they probably popped some of their fasteners. So when you walk on them they move up and down (at least a little bit, even if you can’t feel it).

Normal squeeking wouldn’t give me cause for alarm, but since you are describing loud pops, my guess is that these boards are rubbing/hanging up on the walls or even on their own nails.

You would have to pry up the the molding to see if my theory holds any water or not. If I’m right, I’m not sure there would be a cheap/easy solution to the problem beyond just living with it. Maybe the flooring guys would have a specialized saw/tool for cutting back the ends next to the wall. Don’t know… but would be interested in hearing from the pros.

I’ve cut the outside portion of the circular saw base off on the blade side so all that remains is the guard. Raising the guard one can cut close to the wall with that. I used it to cut bottom plates out of doorways and such. It would back bevel the cut slightly but would not be a problem.

There is a tool called a toe kick saw. With a new blade it can cut wood flooring easily to within about an eighth inch of the wall. Some rental centers have these saws and they are not that expensive to rent. Originally made to cut old underlayment/flooring from under the toe kick of cabinets making it easier to replace flooring without removing them.

Long boards possible. It might also be joints in the subfloor, especially if it has been replaced at some point. Where subfloor runs under a wall, carpenters replacing the main of the subfloor cut the old SF just inside the wall. Often, thinking that no one will be walking that close to the wall, they don’t provide backing where the new SF meets the old. Since the joint between new and old is only nailed at joists but they butt together, it moves and squeaks when anyone walks past.
You have to look up from inside the crawlspace to see.

You might mean this tool;

Works wonders in trimming door casing to floor for new VCT, makes plunge rectangular cuts in the middle of a floor board, removes tile grout without chipping tiles. Cuts flat trim, and boards in place 1/8" from wall.

Great tool.

Fein MSXE636-2XL aka MSXE 636-2XL Multimaster XL Detail Sander Kit

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