Question from the public

I recieved this e-mail from a person (I don’t know her) and responded. I wonder what your comments would be.

NOTE: She is the one calling me a guru (which I am not) and I don’t know her. I do not know why she e-mailed me. Just to be clear.

"Hi! You must read this and tell what you think… how would you as a thermal imaging guru respond to a fellow inspector about this? We attempted to contact several inspectors and we just got a couple more unusual responses to our questions about inspections and use of thermal imaging, etc. Mind you, this guy never told us anything else nor did he offer a price, etc to work for us. I guess my thermal question was the only thing he wanted to reply to as it heated him up! WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THIS GUY? SEE BELOW. TAKE CARE. ~CANDEE

Candee …
You are the first person to ever even ask about the subject.
I see no reason to spend $10,000 on a devise with limited applications on that basis alone.
Inspectors about 2% that spent all that money are by human nature going to push it like a mantra.
Some of them shorten the actual inspection and cheat the customer by spending to much time focusing on the gadget rather than the inspection.
Lets look at what it is.
Thermal imagine is a camera which senses temprature variation
Period . Thats it.
Lets look at what it is not.

  1. A moisture meter
  2. an x ray machine that allows you to see through walls.
  3. A substitute for a real Home Inspection
    It does however increase liability.
    Sometimes it can detect hidden moisture , but what if the moisture is the same temp as the surroundings.?
    What if it has been dry for a few days?
    What if the camera is used at sunset?
    Many conditions affect it value , yet there are guys using them all the time to impress clients with pretty colors.
    Me , I would rather go on the roof and see the actual condition.
    Saying it is always needed is like stating one needs an MRI for a toothache or every visit to the doctor.
    So are you buying ? and do you feel you need this devise for any particular reaon?
    If so I will be glad to help you find someone qualified."


Sounds like someone who didn’t get what he asked for from Santa…a BCam

It is an obviously phony name.

There was no name given for the inspector or the questioner. Candee was part of her e-mail address.

Just tell the lady… who you going to believe, my IR camera or your lying eyes?