Question of The Week 10/4/17

Welcome to another round of Question of The Week

Questions of the week;

Introduction and requirements:

A member of the Award Committee will post a question, at a random day/time.

A competing member may make one post per question thread to answer the question and the member’s winning entry must have all parts of the question answered completely in that one post. Editing your one answer post allowed will result in disqualification.

Winnings will be limited to no more than 6 times in a given year, the objective is to allow as many Members a chance to win as possible.
Any disregard to the above and divulging the correct answers will forfeit the weekly winnings.

So please refrain from participating if you have already won in the maximum for the Year.

First correct answer (as judged by the Awards Committee or Poster of the Question) wins.

The lucky winner will get a case of “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection Books” shipped to them at their address on file. Make sure your Address on File with Inachi is correct.

Courtesy of Nick Gromicko.

Winners of the Question of The Week shall request their prize by emailing and submitting their Mailing address for shipping.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.


  1. Another term for an electrochemical disintegration is_______

  2. _______ measured in Ohms (O), is the measure of the restriction of flow of electrical current through a material
    _______is a measure of the number of electrons flowing in the same direction along a conductor

  3. What is DFCI?

  4. When current flows in a circuit two effects are produced, _______ and _______

  5. The only amphibians found here are frogs, there are no toads, salamanders, or newts


1 lightning
2 resistance…amps
3 Dual Function Circuit Interrupter
4 Heat and resistance (watts and ohms)
5 Madagascar

Good questions Marc. :slight_smile:

Yes they are.

Resistance, Ampere
Dual Function Circuit Interrupter
heating, magnetic
I’m gonna say Australia

  1. Galvanic Corrosion
  2. Resistance - Ampere
  3. Dual Function Circuit Interrupter
  4. Heating effect - Magnetic effect
  5. Madagascar

**Congratulations Michael Gleeson for winning this weeks QOTW.
Good job!
Follow the directions to obtain your books. ** :slight_smile:

Congrats, Michael!

Good questions, Marc! :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks! Those were great questions and I liked the fill in the blanks.

Great sleuthing Michael, and some crazya** puzzle questions Marc!

Nice job everyone. Congratulation Michael.