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“Question of the Week 6/7/2015”

A yellow flame indicates dirt in the burner, which prevents it from mixing the gas and air properly.

Soot indicate incomplete combustion


Yellow flame is a bad mixture of fuel and oxygen. Soot is an indication the gas is not all being burnt often indicating a leaking heat exchanger.

I would like to add that a yellow flame can also indicates high CO production. One cause– insufficient primary air opening.

Soot indicate incomplete combustion and can be very dangerous.

A yellow flame is an indication of a lack of oxygen while soot build-up is an indication of too much oxygen.

Yellow flame is caused by flame impingement regardless of the source (dirty burner, misalignment or anything cold in path of the flame)
Soot is the result of unburnt carbon.

  1. If burning natural gas, it means that the burner is dirty and not getting enough air.
    If burning propane gas, there will be a yellow “tip” to the flame, this is normal.

  2. There maybe a back pressure problem in the combustion chamber/ inadequate combustion chamber air supply therefore resulting in a carbon monoxide problem.

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