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What is the safest roof pitch an inspector should walk on, no matter the material, and why?

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I would say 6/12, because of fall (slip) hazard (potential)

The safest pitch to walk on is the pitch the inspector feels comfortable on.


If you aren’t comfortable, you are more likely to be nervous, make a mistake, and injure yourself.

I tell my guys if your body is saying no when you get to the top of the ladder, that means no, even if you’ve walked that pitch before.

Mr. Juan Jimenez wins!

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Thanks Larry :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, Juan, from the Awards Committee. :slight_smile:

We can all learn something from these questions and answers.

Be safe out there!

"Of all the roof fall survivors I have interviewed, the vast majority have made one comment in common. It usually sounds something like this: “Just before I fell, I knew what I was about to do could cause me to fall.


I would say 2/12 because of very little risk of falling. A 4/12 also feels comfortable to me, even if there is a slight bit of moisture on the shingles

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