Questions Of The Week- January 14, 2021

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  1. According to work place law, portable step ladders longer than _____ shall not be used.

  2. T/F: Damaged ladders may still be used, provided they are properly labeled as to the extent of the damage and identified. _____

  3. The “safe zone” represents a distance of _____ from any power line.

  4. T/F: Inspectors are required to walk roofs of 3:12 or less. _____

  5. The proper screws for securing the dead front are_____

  6. Pushing wires aside to expose a panel rating label may cause_____

  7. T/F: Reaching into an electrical panel is safe as long as the inspector is reasonably well-grounded. _____

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Great questions, Larry! :smiley: Hope it goes well!

Nice Larry!

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At least until I chime in regarding #5!! :wink:


I’m glad you went back to your smiling face picture Junior, better than the mask picture!


Nice questions Larry - THANKS! :cowboy_hat_face:


Haha! Thanks, Joe! :slight_smile:

Gonna give it a go…

  1. 20’
  2. False
  3. 10’
  4. False
  5. Blunt tipped. (Panel cover screws)
  6. Shock, electrocution, arc flash
  7. False
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Thank you, Leif. :smile:

Thank you, Scott.

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  1. 20 feet
  2. False
  3. Areas more than 10 feet from the power line for 50kv lines, and 20 feet for 350kv.
  4. False
  5. Blunt tip screws appropriate to that panel, eg machine thread in Square D panels, or coarse thread in Cutler Hammer.
  6. Shorts, arcing, and or electrical shock
  7. False

Thanks for the contest

Thank you, Michael.

Excellent questions Larry!!

2 - F
3 - 10ft
4 - F
5 - Blunt
6 - electric shock
7 - F

Thank you, Peter.


Rule breaker!!!

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Very important!

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Sorry about that !!!..

No reason to be sorry, Peter. You came close one the 2 year mark and are smart.

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I was just practicing… :blush: