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Hi, I’m new to the Forum and before I posted this I tried to Google, look on the Forum and I am a little confused with the answer. QUESTION : Are AFCIs required or not required in a bedroom under Nachi guidelines? From all the reading seems like they’re getting a bad rap. This is a question on the online exam for the CPI, but unfortunately I can’t find correct answer. After you take the exam it just tells you if you pass or fail but unfortunately it doesn’t show you the correct answer. Thanks in advance for any help.

The answer which is not very helpful is “Depends”.

In new construction they should be installed. If the home is older then nope. I have never recommended installation of AFCI protection in a space that it doesn’t exist. If it is there, I test it.


AFCI protection became a requirement for sleeping rooms in the 2002 NEC, they were expanded to additional areas in the 2008 NEC and again in 2014 NEC (it is now required for most interior 120v circuits, including kitchens, laundry areas, etc.).

Since the concept of grandfathering only applies to code compliance/enforcement and not home inspections, you need to decide whether to report older homes that lack current AFCI protection (perhaps as a safety upgrade consideration) or not. It parallels the situation with GFCI protection. Older homes weren’t required to have it, however most inspectors report the lack of GFCI protection in these older homes.

I can’t speak to the InterNACHI SOP (I operated under a state SOP), but keep in mind that it is a “minimum”


Hey Chuck how would you word the lack of GFCI & AFCI in an older home in the report?

Not Chuck but as an example narrative:

There were no GFCIs/AFCIs in _____________ location and, although they may not have been required when this home was built, I recommend upgrading to them for enhanced safety.

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Neither. “Nachi guidelines”, whatever that may be, has no say when and where AFCI protection is required. That requirement would be up to the NEC and how the local code authority enforces it.


Thanks Larry!

I used the same verbiage regardless of age. Under the TX SOP lack of GFCI and AFCI protection were specifically required to be reported as deficiencies, so it was not ambiguous as to whether an inspector should report it or not (however the TX SOP specifically listed some areas but not others…).

OK for members to reuse or adapt to their own reporting style.



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