Question on ITE EQ Loadcenter Fuse block main 1960’s

Does anyone have any information on this service panel good or bad? A client says that a prospective buyer is claiming insurance company will not insure with this type of panel with the fuse block main.


I have only heard of insurance issues with the Edison screw in type fuses.

Thanks David

It is always up to the insurance underwriter, all things being equal a fused main is a safe panel.

Hi Michael, I am new to inspecting and all the course work done with InterNACHI suggests the use of the SOP. I would make note of the main disconnect in my report and advise the disconnect be evaluated by a certified electrician, for best safety practices.

Michael, your client can check with other insurance companies regarding the fuse block main.

And, this is all I found in a quick search. It appears that Siemens took over ITE: