I-t-e eq-electri-center

Any one have any information they wish to share on I-T-E EQ-ELECTRI-CENTERs?
First time I have run into this I-T-E equipment.

That’s pre-Siemens ITE, probably during Gould or Imperial ownership, not the older Walker/ITE label.
The ‘electri-center’ term I think was a holdover name from Bulldog. Was there an ITE Logo visible? Does it have push-matic breakers which were something often associated with their older electri-centers?

Those are some of the things that would give a better idea as to its vintage although I suspect this was the equivalent of a 3-Phase load center from the mid 1970’s or early 1980’s. EQ has been used by ITE for a LONG time for their basic load center series through many different evolutionary and ownership changes.

I concur. 3PH on the label. 3 or 4 wires CU/AL.
Another thing that struct me odd was the unit was under 5oo sq.ft, 10 circuits yet the sub/auxiliary panel was rated for 64 circuits-200 amps.

I thought it might have been Gould but likely Imperial…
If I find some information on this equipment’s manufacturer, I will post it for the members.
Thanks for the feed back.