Double pole breaker, metal showing between sections

On inspection today, the exterior panel was an ITE, EQ Loadcenter. House is 27 years old.

The upper left double pole breaker shows metal between the two sections.

Is the breaker coming apart, or, is this part of a lockable breaker?

Thanks for all your help !!

100_8289a (Small) (2).jpg

That is not a ITE breaker, its a Crouse-Hinds and that is handle locking device, and the only I-T-E breaker I see is the one on the upper right row, the rest are GE or Crouse-Hinds, I doubt you could find any paperwork that they are UL “Classified” in a I-T-E loadcenter.

BTW I-T-E is now Siemens, and Crouse - Hinds is now back to their original name Murray, also owned by Siemens, they dropped the Murray/Crouse-Hinds breakers and rebranded I-T-E breakers as Murray,but have seen no paperwork stating I-T-E / Siemens and Murray is interchangable, if anyone has something that says it’s OK, I would like to know.

Well going beyond that…notice the breakers on the right ( GE to be more specific ) does not fit properly into the KO area for the breaker…causing the breakers to sit back into the enclosure.

When Cutler Hammer ( Eaton®) got the " Classified " breakers approved for use in ITE and other enclosures this was critical…to work in the panel it has to SEAT in the panel properly…

Just as a tip…if you see a breaker in an enclosure that is not fitting properly chances are it is not listed for installation in that enclosure…