Question on openings in foundation wall to addition.

Hi Guys,

Please see pic below. There are two sunrooms that were added on to the property I inspected this morning. (1983 large colonial) The contractors cut through the foundation wall to the addition’s crawlspace. There is no header to support the opening. Just the sill plate. This seems very wrong to me. I told my client to inquire to see if any permits were issued. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Looks like in one of the openings the joists don’t bear on the plate, they run parallel with the foundation wall. In the second opening, it appears they bear down within six inches of where it was was cut through. It also appears they added an additional joist framing member which serves to strengthen the openings span, it appears to be about two feet.
Looks fine from here… Might want to confirm if there is a load from above that might be affecting this observation in some manner.

Not sure which side is which but it does not matter given the information your shared. There should be some sort of support or a design engineer would need to have approved the method used!

Need more info on these five points…