Question on swimming pool lights

I know that a 120 volt swimming pool light has to be on a GFCI, but what about a 12 volt light. Does the power to the transformer have to be GFCI protected? This is the pool panel I inspected yesterday. the transformer is located inside the panel but the light is only 12 volts.

No need for GFCI if less than 15V.

That has been my opinion also. I didn’t feel that it wa a problem with the low voltage. It kept bugging me though so I wanted some confirmation. Thanks for the response.

This may assist you :

**(3) GFCI Protection, Relamping. **A ground-fault circuit
interrupter shall be installed in the branch circuit supplying
luminaires operating at more than 15 volts such that there is
no shock hazard during relamping. The installation of the
ground-fault circuit interrupter shall be such that there is no
shock hazard with any likely fault-condition combination
that involves a person in a conductive path from any ungrounded
part of the branch circuit or the luminaire to

When dealing with those types of luminaries the key is in the transformer:

**[FONT=Times New Roman]size=2 Transformers. **Transformers used for the supply of underwater
luminaires, together with the transformer enclosure,
shall be listed as a swimming pool and spa transformer.
The transformer shall be an isolated winding type
with an ungrounded secondary that has a grounded metal
barrier between the primary and secondary windings.

12volts led pool light dont need GFCI , but need install a transformer ,transfer 120v to 12v.

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