Swimming pool...brand new eqipment....electrical question

There was no GFCI present in the swimming pool equipment area.
Isn’t a GFCI a requirement?

The pool did not have light…( for night swimming )…Is that the reason ?



If this is a dwelling and a permanent pool, at least one receptacle is required.

No offense David if you are not sure you should not be inspecting pools. Either turn the m down or hire someone who knows how to inspect them. Way too much liability

A Non-GFCI Receptacle…
No Receptacle…

GFCI protection anywhere within 6 feet of the inside rim up to 20 feet away is what is in the 2008 NEC. After 20 feet no GFCI needed.

Even if it’s outdoors?

Well now that you ask…:smiley:

Must have a sealed cover to keep out the elements but as far as a know it does not have to be GFCI protected. Who wouldn’t recommend it anyways regardless of what the NEC says.


What was the voltage of the equipment?

Do you mean GFCI protection for the equipment or a receptacle is not where it should be?

That is the same thing I have Larry. If the house is closer than 20 feet then yes it applies, if the pool is father than 20 ft than no the next rule of the GFCI outside the home applies. So regardless of the pool rules all outside outlets should be be GFCI protected on a dwelling.

Well, alrighty then…:slight_smile:

Thanks everybody…

You’re welcome…I think. Did we actually answer the right question?

Yes, that is the reason.

Regardless of light or not any outside 120 volt receptacle would need GFI protection unless it was for specific equipment that he pool light would not be part of.