Question on the 12 months to perform any repairs/services after providing an inspection

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I am new to home inspections and almost ready to get this side of the busines going. However, I just want to get some clarification on the issue when is comes to not being bale to provide any repair or service for the same client for which you performed the inspection for.

I am a PE here in FL and was wondering if I the homeowner gets a repair recommended and performed (3rd parties), would I be legally allowed to perform the re-inspection of the repair once complete or would that be a conflict of interest? Would I be able to recommend the repair and perform the re-inspection legally?


Are you asking if you complete a home inspection and then repairs are completed (by a 3rd party) if you can conduct the re-inspection? If so, then yes you can. The 12 months refers to you completing the repair work on a home that you also inspected.


Its better to do the re-inspection by the person who inspected the property in the first place, You know what you are looking for and would know if the repairs are done. If someone else does the re-inspect they really only have the original report to go off of, and makes the re-inspect a bit more difficult.

I thinking what you are trying to get at, is if you do a home inspection and find a structural issue. Then can you use your PE license to recommend what the repair should be. And once the repair is completed, come back as a Home inspector/PE and do a re-inspection of all the repairs and the structural issue. I would think that as long as you or the company you may be affiliated/work with does not do the repairs you should have no problem doing any type of re-inspection.
I am an engineer also, I have decided after 10 years to get my PE to start doing the same thing. 2 birds…

I wish getting out of re-inspections was that easy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Re-inspections = high liability, higher buyer expectations, more phone calls, often fighting with contractors (or homeowners) all for substantially less money.

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I believe @cehlman and @bhubbard3 got what I was trying to convey. I was more jogging along the lines about performing any additional services like recommended repairs and re-inspection services after those repairs with regard to the 12 month stipulation. However, it sounds like as long as I am not the one performing the repair(s), I am in good shape.

I agree with you @wjones18 ideally the original inspection firm and hopefully inspector likely should perform any re-inspection needed to keep continuity.

Thanks all for the feedback

I would avoid recommending re-inspections - as @mfellman said, they are a serious PITA

Noted, thanks!

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