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Recieved a call today from an agent requesting I do an an inspection on items that were defective and repaired on a report that I did for another client. It is not really a reinspection because I never did an inspection for this client. The listing agent kept the report from negotiations with my previous client. What kind of contract should I use? It is like inspecting one item, what would you use for a contract for that?

I don’t reinspect anything unless they have a receipt from a licensed contractor. Be careful with this type of inspection.

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That realtor is hanging you out to dry.

First of all, when you inspect someone elsed work, you can be held liable for the repair (the you touched it last syndrome).

Second - how long ago was your initail inspection. Things can change over a couple of weeks. What if you missed something in the first inspection?

Personally, I would not do it. However, if you do decide to do it, make sure the client undersands (in writing) that you are only verifying that a repair was done through receipts by licensed contractors, and that you do not guarantee or warranty those repairs. I would only report the the completion of the repair and report whether or not it appears to be done in a workman like manner. CYA all the way.

With that being said, why would they need you to do this? Cant they look at a receipt and verify a repair.


I’m doing an inspection similar next week for 22 buildings on the same lot. I inspected the property a couple months ago, the buyer, my client, backed out of the deal, another buyer bought the property.

All the roof were shot (BUR). They had all the roofs foamed over the BUR.

The new buyer wants me to inspect the new roof covering, naturally I will jump on the opportunity since it is a few grand for the inspection.

I have a contract/agreement in “Word” I can modify anytime I want, works well for me.

Here in California, if you go out to address those items based on your original report for another client, you have knowingly extended the use of that original report to this new group of buyers, agents, etc. and have there by extended your liability to all of these parties as a result of same. Your original report was designed for use with that client for that transaction only. Even talking to the agent about the report for the new buyers can get you into trouble. It’s obvious the new group of buyers are using and depending on your original report. Don’t step onto that slippery slope for a few bucks, you’ll regret it later.

Good Luck!