Question on water heater strapping,

I know a water heater needs two straps at 1/3 spacing but can two straps be used for two water heaters?

Can one end of the strap be attached to a stable door jamb as seen in photo?

Side question: I rotated this photo to be portrait oriented before uploading but it wants to be landscape oriented in upload. Does anybody know how to rotate the photo once it’s uploaded to forum?

Here ya go:

If your area requires seismic bracing, then what you have is completely improper. If your area does not require such bracing, I imagine you could use a rope and it would not be an issue.

Proper bracing requires each tank to be strapped individually, or in a manner that will not allow lateral movement or displacement. The straps should be located in the upper and lower thirds of the tank, and should be at least 4 inches above the gas-control valve.

I agree with Jeff and would like add that depending on capacity of water heater that a third strap maybe needed or a pre-approved bracing system and that some systems will require the straps should wrap around the body of the water heater.

looks like one side is attached to a rotted door jamb…