seismic straps?

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted information/feedback. Are all water heaters now required to have seismic straps? I notice we must check them.

Trying to get the verbage together about them.


They are not required around here, only areas of the country where conditions warrant them.

Not required here either.

I know California and other States susceptible to earthquakes do indeed require seismic straps on water heaters.

Being in Pennsylvania, I don’t believe they are required. We don’t have major earthquakes on the East Coast.

Straps are required in Seismic Zones 3 & 4. Most of the Nation does not fall into that category. . .

Thank you.

The SOP says to check it, so I was wondering if this is like checking AFCI’s for recall buttons. Even though not required in older houses, many do document it, and comment about the advantages of upgrading.

Thank you everyone!