Hey guys do any of you know a good website to estimate what different construction jobs will cost, like how much it will cost to replace a roof, install new windows, etc. etc. ?

Xactimate 28

Im guessing it would be as reliable as Zillow for realistic pricing.

There is no such thing it is all Bull s h i t .

I can tell you from experience if you have not priced something similar in you area recently from 3 or 4 pros you are full of cr a p and should not be guesstimating.

I think those who give costs to cure are full of cra p and just trying to help realtors and homeowners negotiate their prices. I DO Not Play That Game. i point out the problems and tell them to do their own research for cost to cure. anything else is BS.

RS Means and Xactimate. But, like Michael says, there is no substitute for multiple bids from local contractors.